Funxtion online coaching platform

The Online Coaching tool is a modular part of the FunXtion Interactive Platform, designed to serve your members even better, keep them connected and to create new revenue streams by offering an add-on sales model

Benefits for your business

The online coaching platform is set up for coaches to help members reach their goals, keep them motivated and challenges them like a passionate trainer should. The online coaching platform is generating additional revenue without adding more staff and without a lot of hassle and without high costs.

Additional revenue
The online coaching platform allows you to create extra revenue with added services and coaching for your members
24/7 connected and engaged
Staying connected with your members and engaging them both inside and outside the gym walls to keep them coming back has never been so easy
save time
With the online coaching platform your staff can instantly work faster and provide higher quality service to your members
Collect data
Data analytics offers opportunities for member profiling, business control and customized marketing activities

Benefits for your coaches

Planning day-to-day tasks, scheduling a workout or provide a nutrition plan for their clients has never been so easy. The Funxtion online coaching tool lets the coaches work so efficiently, they have more time to actually motivate and coach their clients

coach, educate and motivate
The online coaching platform combines coaching, educational and motivational tools which will allow you to get your clients to the next level
efficient planning tool
Planning workouts, nutritional plans and coaching sessions with your clients in a user-friendly synchronized calendar. Organizing has never been so efficient
excellent workout creator
Your clients deserve the best. With our workout creator you can quickly provide your clients with the best customized training plans that will meet their needs and demands
expand your PT-business online
Increase revenue, save time and build your online PT business. With the online coaching platform you can coach, plan and train your clients whenever you want and wherever you are

your members will love this

Online coaching offers your members the opportunity to do their workouts in their own digital environment, anytime, anywhere with help of your Personal Trainers who helps them to achieve their goals
24/7 personal coaching
Your members will experience the benefit of a personal trainer at the gym, at home or on the go. Online coaching offer them a trainer, dietary advice and smart planning in the palm of their hand
affordable pricing
Online coaching is affordable for everyone while maintaining all the qualities of a world class personal trainer
Better results
No more delays and setbacks as the coach will monitor their clients 24/7 so that adjustments can be made quickly, whenever necessary to ensure they will achieve their goals on time
fun and motivation
No more boring workout sessions, the personal online coach will bring back the fun into your members weekly training routines and keeps on motivating them
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